Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I can't believe July is already flown by.

Fourth of July weekend we went to a parade and bought some fireworks and hung out at home. Went to a BBQ with some aweome friends and then the following Monday went the Larry H Miller Honda day at the Bees game...we got our fill of big fireworks that night, and boy does Champ LOVE fireworks!
We also went to one of Joe's bff's wedding reception up at pretty!

On my birthday (can't believe I'm 23) Champ and I took our first road trip all by ourselves to Boise. One of my bestest friends got married and I had the honor of being one of her bridesmaids :) Champ did amazing on the road, he really did. He slept a whole TWENTY MINUTES on the way there! And let me tell you just how fantastic he was ALL weekend being off schedule with little naps and all! He got to play with his cousins and spend lots of time at aunt Liz and uncle Marky's house and met new friends. And everytime we'd go back to the house when Champ was clearly exhausted from the days events he magically got all of his energy back to play! Needless to say it was a fantastic weekend!

I dragged Joe and Champ to the Pioneer Day Parade this year too. Joe has lived here for years and has either never gone or has had to work, so it was his and Champ's first time at that parade, and I was pretty dissapointed this year. I've gone every year but last year since I've lived here and I must say they've been better but needless to say it was HOT and fun!

And I'm sad to see July go.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Birthday, family, party and a sick baby boy

Well we did it! We made it through our first birthday and birthday party!
The week started off by Joe's mama coming into town on Monday.
Then Joe and I took Wednesday off for Champ's birthday. We stopped at Kohl's to get him his "Birthday Boy" outfit and then went to the zoo then Fetal Fotos (Champ's having a baby sister, woohoo!!) and then later on to Chuck E Cheese for dinner and games. On top of all that excitement, the little dude was teething and didn't take much of his much needed nap after Fetal Fotos. But he still had a blast at Chuck E Cheese! AND he was cranky because we stopped the bottle on Tuesday night and he just kept asking for his bottle...well he would sign it...kind of, regardless, we knew what he meant! We said hello cows milk and bye-bye bottle and formula!

Thursday Judie and I went out shopping for all the goods for the weekend, went to Joe's double header softball game and then went to Taylorsville Dayzz for "family night". Joe took Champ down the big slide, then he rode the carousel, then we played the little rubber duckie game, then the three of us went down the big slide and then we put Champ on the kiddie train by himself...I almost had a heart attack but he LOVED it as soon as it started moving. And the dude even made sure to strap him in nice and tight. Every time he'd go by we'd wave and say "Hey Champ" and already at one year old he gives us the "oh my gosh you are embarrassing me" look. I'm sure we have a lot more coming!

Friday we went back to T-ville dayzz and took him to the petting zoo which we both loved. I've been waiting for what seems like forever to me to take my baby to the petting zoo! Then, Joe and his mom went to Wendover and my sister and her family finally arrived. I LOVE having my big seester here, love it.

Saturday we had a bbq and had more family and some friends come over then went to T-ville Dayzz get again (what can I say, it was practically in my backyard!) and I took Champ to ride the ponies then we watched the fireworks.

And Sunday of course was the big birthday party day! I've had it planned for over a month. I called and talked to the guy in charge at the pool and made sure that everything we were planning was ok, then we get there on Sunday and I almost had a melt down. After a little freak out we got our way and party went off without a hitch.

Even with sunscreen on we all got LOTS of color and it seemed to me that everyone had a blast! We couldn't have done it without our family. They helped make food and cut fruit and put favor bags together! All the things that would have taken me forever!
Without Champ's morning nap he was kind of cranky. And was not a fan of everyone singing to him nor did he want to eat his cake or any other food for that matter...just watermelon! He did however enjoy opening his presents which all rocked!

After hours at the pool we headed back home, said goodbye to some family and then hit the sack. Poor little Champ woke up sick in the middle of the night which lead to me staying home with him and cuddling. We jumped back into bed after taking Joe to work and an airport run, put on Toy Story and got some much needed sleep. We slept from 8-12:30...oh so nice! Then the little bugger woke up sick again the next morning, puked all over my face and so he went to the Dr and Joe called in sick to stay home that day. Champ most likely got something that's been going around, but he's all better now...or getting there.

Thank you to all my wonderful and awesome family for putting up with me all weekend...the pregnant with a girl hormonal me :) and for all the help, and thank you awesome friends for coming and helping us celebrate Champ's birthday!

My Baby Boy Isn't a Baby anymore...

Monday, June 21, 2010

A couple weekends ago we went to Art City Days with my God-family :)
Champ went to his first parade and his first carnival. He had his first fair fries...what can I say, this mama has her cravings :)

Champ sat with his Grandma Kathy for most of the parade, and Champ loves his Grandma Kathy! And I love that she is "Grandma" Kathy!

I took Champ to get his first haircut on Thursday and he did AWESOME. I totally expected him to be a turd but he sat there and thought the buzzer was funny and he was being ticklish! We didn't have to put much effort into making him sit still. He ate some raisins and played with some new toys.

I can't believe how much of a big boy he looks like now.

We are always getting people asking how old he is and before we can answer they say, 18 or 20 months? Ha try 12!
He has changed so much the last couple months and weeks. Every morning when we get him out of bed he gives us hugs and loves. And he'll cuddle with us again! You have no idea how much I've missed that!
We have a park just a little walk away, and Champ loves being outside. We waited until Joe could come too so that he could take Champ down the big slides! And boy does Champ love the slides! He could go down the little one all day long. Next time I blink he'll be going down the big one all by himself.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Recently I figured out a friend...obviously not a real friend, and she is faker than the tans of the cast of Jersey Shore. Guess what, I'm done. I'm not going to kiss your ass and keep trying to be your friend, but for your sake I'm going to be fake like you to you because you like my kid, and I like your kids.

I can't wait to see my family. I love living here away from them all but sometimes I just feel bad when I say that I wish I could be closer to them. I need my mom and dads hugs and my brother and sisters love and sarcasm. I need the weekend with a house full of craziness and some yummy food. I can't wait for Champ to play with his cousins and aunts and uncles.

Please don't complain about not talking to us or about not seeing us or that we don't call you...if you really cared that much about us and really wanted to see or talk to us you can pick up your phone too.

Of course we really want this baby to be a girl, actually a healthy baby is what we want, but after a boy who wouldn't want to think of having a girl too. Actually, I'm kind of scared to hear that it might be a girl. I've had numerous dreams about us having a baby girl and she always dies. I know how she dies but I never see it. I know its just a dream but things like that start to get to you especially when all the dreams I had about Champ were him being a blond haired healthy boy.

If I'm this big at 13 weeks does that mean I'm going to be obnoxiously huge later? Sad...

I'm not sticking my belly out, I guess I'm just going to be huge...oh joy.

Maybe its just me, but I think this kid is A freaking Dorable! And he really really needs a haircut!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bebe and Bees games

Yesterday I had an appointment for my first trimester screening. This wasn't something we did with Champ but I'll take any opportunity I can to sneak a peak at our little baby. They measure some things on the baby to test for the risk of down syndrome and some other things, and they poked my figure to get some blood. Our little baby was bouncing and throwing its arms around. Apparently it wasn't doing what they wanted it to do so they bounced the wand on my belly to get the baby to move positions and all that caused was me hysterically laughing at the little ping pong baby...Joe's face was priceless. The doctor said everything looks great and we are measuring right on, 12 weeks 4 days.

Lets hope that it grows into its nose! Its getting more real now that we have another one on the way. Seeing pictures of our little baby and me popping out already...people weren't kidding when they said you show faster with number two :) I'm really scared about getting fat with this baby. With Champ I didn't gain very much weight and the only thing that grew was my butt and boobs, oh and not to mention I got fat in the face!

Ask and you shall receive!...We've been trying to talk some of Joe's family on the east coast to come out this way for Champ's birthday, and we found out yesterday that his mama will be here on June 21st, for a week! We are stoked! She hasn't seen Champ since he was two weeks old. She'll be here for his birthday day and his party. And Champ gets to spend two full days with his grandma all by himself...hope that goes well...that just wouldn't be right if we took him to the sitter while she was here, that would be just plain mean. That week we were planning on going to Fetal Fotos anyway to see if we can find out what the baby is, I'm sure she'll be excited :)

On Wednesday Champ got his first sidewalk boo-boo. Trying to crawl with two legs and one arm didn't work out so well and he has a nice big-o scrape on his chin, good things he has multiple chins! He has the cutest round chubby face :) I could kiss it all day long! For the last couple months I've been trying to get Champ to say "uh-oh" anytime he drops something, well what do you know he dropped his sippy cup eating dinner on Wednesday and said it! Now everytime he drops something he looks at it and says "uh-oh"! I love it!

One of our favorite summer things to do is go to Bee's games. We've been to a bit so far. We usually sit in the seats on the 3rd base line, but we've come to find out that with an 11 month old, that just isn't any fun anymore. So the last game we went to we brought the stroller and the blankets and parked it in the grass behind the outfield. Most families go sit out there so we decided thats our new place, and its so much more fun. We don't have to hold Champ down and he can crawl around and play, or crawl down hill onto the family's blanket in front of us...haha at least they were nice! Heres some pictures from the last three games we went to.Family Picture!

The loves of my life!

Champ LOVED his first snowcone!

One of my newest favorite pictures :)

Champ LOVES our friend Levi

Family picture with the Bee


Champ's first time watching fireworks! Adorable! He loved them!

I love this picture! I had no clue that Champ was looking at me nor did I no Joe was kissing him and they didn't even know I was behind them taking the picture, melts me heart :)